The Joy of Giving to Charity

The Joy of Giving to Charity

You would be surprised by how many benefits you can gain by giving. This is not just about giving gifts to family and friends during the holidays. Giving to charity, volunteering at a soup kitchen, etc. can give you many benefits. In fact, research suggests that giving is good not only for those who receive but for the giver as well. Here is a look at how giving can be good for you. (more…)


Giving is a Special Aspect in Life

Giving is a Special Aspect in Life

All good conservatives share this beautiful ethic and one that we accept to be done by anybody who acknowledges living in society.

The Joy of Charity

At the point when sharing out brings an ordeal of adoration, joy, peace, group, charity, mindfulness, and self-esteem, the procedure of development has started. A few visionaries predict an economy construct altogether in light of charity.



Graphic Design & Illustration

So, I should mention (if I haven’t already) that my BA (Hons) is in Graphic Design (including web design) and I create all sorts of designs such as the following:

My latest client for web design deals with blocked drainshave a look at the website. They’re drainage people and deal with all sorts of plumbing issues.

  • logos
  • letter heads
  • websites
  • flash animations
  • flash sites
  • Photoshopped images
  • hand drawn illustrations
  • lots of other stuff
  • and so on. I also buy domains, but that’s another story for another time…

I put all the illustrations and graphics together and then passed it onto someone else in the office to make the whole site into a proper, real live website that’s functional etc as programming etc is not for me.


Saving Money & Spending On Things That Matter

I really dislike wasting money.

I really believe that it’s not what life was meant for. Whilst I’m no cheapskate either, it’s not hugely important to me to spend my hard earned capital on things that will only ever decrease in value or simply disappear over time – such as hugely expensive candles and so on.

I thought about moving home for a long time and was looking around for something within my budget but after all the calculations, I realised that it really wouldn’t be very wise at all to move and instead, maybe converting the loft into another bedroom might be the solution. So, we ended up doing just that! See – http://www.loftconversionsmiddlesbrough.com we went with them and they did a very good job – or so far, the job is good as it’s not complete yet.


heart imagery

Hello & Welcome!

Hello and welcome to this website!


I am a domain buyer on the side (to my regular job) and I found that this domain was available for purchase at auction. I bought it up because I didn’t want it to get picked up by a spammer – that would not be nice and there would be no way of cleaning it up afterwards, so I subsequently purchased it to fill it full of positivity and happiness in the form of images and quotes and most likely also some personal stories.


Keep your heart full of love, think of others and be free of hate.

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